Mathematical sciences strategy

This strategy has be up-dated in line with the Delivery Plan 2016-2020.

Research in the mathematical sciences is a central element for the advancement of all areas of science and technology, as well as being a vital area of science in itself. Our aim is to sustain core research capability across the breadth of mathematical sciences while promoting transformative and cross-disciplinary research all of which has the potential for significant impact.

We will achieve this aim through the following actions:

  • We will work to secure the pipeline of future talent through doctoral training and targeted support for individuals.  This is a high priority and we will work with universities to improve the quality of doctoral training and career development in mathematics.
  • We will encourage the strengthening of connections to other disciplines and to industry. This will enable the impact of research in the mathematical sciences to be maximised and will contribute to the overall health of UK science & innovation in the UK.
  • We will work to identify opportunities for the Mathematical Sciences to contribute to research challenges across the breadth of the UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) landscape.
  • We will actively monitor the balance of EPSRC's Mathematical Science portfolio as set out in our balancing capability strategy.
  • We will work with stakeholders, including the learned societies, universities and research users, to develop a balanced portfolio of research and training, taking into account the quality of the research, current capacity, and the importance of sustaining a high-quality capability in maths in relation to other disciplines, the economy and society.