Mathematical sciences contacts

Head of Mathematical Sciences

Katie Blaney (01793 444378)

Katie joined EPSRC in November 2008 after completing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Southampton. She spent a number of years managing portfolios of research and working with communities to develop strategies as well as working across the remit of EPSRC to help communicate opportunities to accelerate impact in roles as a Portfolio Manager within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Theme and as a Senior Manager in both the Engineering and Impact teams.

Katie has been the Head of Mathematical Sciences since January 2018, a role which involves overseeing the funding of mathematical sciences research, including partnerships with other disciplines, PhD training and working with the UK community to identify and develop new opportunities.

Senior Portfolio Manager

Ruqaiyah Patel (01793 444029)

Ruqaiyah joined EPSRC in January 2015 as a Portfolio Manager within the Engineering Theme. Since August 2018, she has worked in the Mathematical Sciences Theme as a Senior Manager. For EPSRC, Ruqaiyah works with colleagues on the strategy for Artificial Intelligence and is the EPSRC Programme Grant scheme owner. Her main responsibilities within the Mathematical Sciences theme, include:

  • Oversight of Strategic Advice in Mathematical Sciences
  • Research areas:
    • Complexity Science

Marianne Rolph (01793 444002)

Marianne joined EPSRC in February 2018 as a Portfolio Manager within the Physical Sciences Theme. Since November 2019, she has worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager in the Mathematical Sciences Theme and on the Digital Security by Design challenge. Among her responsibilities, Marianne is responsible for:

  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematical Analysis

    Portfolio Managers

    Laura McDonnell (01793 444268)

    Laura joined EPSRC and the Mathematical Sciences Team as a Portfolio Manager in January 2018. Laura is responsible for the Fellowships and the New Investigator Award schemes as well as managing the following Research Areas:

    • Statistics and Probability
    • Operational Research

    Ruvimbo Gamanya (01793 444212)

    Ruvimbo joined EPSRC and the Mathematical Sciences Team in September 2018 as a Portfolio Manager with the responsibility for Applied Mathematics. Ruvimbo is responsible for Balancing Capability and Remit Queries as well as managing the following Research Areas:

    • Numerical Analysis
    • Non-Linear Systems
    • Mathematical Biology
    • Continuum Mechanics

    Joseph Westwood (01793 444286)

    Joe joined EPSRC and the Mathematical Sciences team in November 2018. Joe is responsible for the delivery of the NSF Lead Agency Opportunity, Joe also manages the Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum. Joe's portfolio includes the following research areas:

    • Algebra
    • Geometry and Topology
    • Number Theory
    • Logic and Combinatorics

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