EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been supported in a number of ways by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This area has always benefitted from funding dedicated to some aspect of Manufacturing Research. Since 2001, this support has been primarily through Innovative Manufacturing Research Centres (IMRCs).

In 2009, the funding model changed to meet changing business requirements and the EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing were created. The model for these new centres incorporates the advantages of the IMRC funding model - stability of long-term funding to allow long-term planning and retention of expertise - whilst giving increased flexibility to respond quickly to new research results and react effectively to user-led research challenges.

The aims of these Centres are:

  • To create, deliver and disseminate a coherent programme of innovative manufacturing research.
  • To address major long-term manufacturing challenges / and or emergent market opportunities.
  • To provide strong support for UK manufacturing industries.
  • To enhance the global profile and significance of the UK manufacturing research.
  • To create a national network of expertise in manufacturing knowledge with outreach to other centres and relevant research groups.

It is expected that the Centres will:

  • Act as leaders in their areas: be high profile, lead on workshops, open days and networks and drive forward the innovative manufacturing research agenda, influencing policy and contributing to national debate in manufacturing.
  • Evolve by taking a strategic approach to move in new directions and new areas and depart from traditional thinking.
  • Work with EPSRC to further manufacturing research.

In addition to this dedicated funding, the EPSRC portfolio in manufacturing research is supplemented by grants awarded through standard responsive mode.

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