Manufacturing the future strategy

The UK enjoys world leadership in established manufacturing industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, electronics design and photonic technologies.

EPSRC plays a pivotal role in supporting these industries, enabling cutting-edge research and development of highly-skilled people needed to support UK manufacturing innovation and underpin continued and sustainable growth.

The underpinning science and technology made possible by EPSRC support covers the entire manufacturing spectrum, including simulation, design, production, fabrication, systems and services leading to successful processes and products. Independent evaluations, including an economic impact assessment by DTZ Consultancy, have shown the value of EPSRC manufacturing research to the UK economy and society more generally.

The challenge for the Manufacturing the future theme is to promote a richer, more productive dialogue between world-leading manufacturing research and industry partners, and to ensure innovative manufacturing businesses play a significant role in shaping the research and taking forward the outputs and outcomes.