EPSRC-Jaguar Land Rover Joint Programme for Simulation Innovation

Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSi) is a joint five-year research programme between Jaguar Land Rover Limited (JLR) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The unique £10 million five year collaboration between Jaguar Land Rover and EPSRC in conjunction with the country's leading academics will develop the capability of the virtual simulation industry in the UK and will give manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover access to new, world-class simulation tools and processes.

For further information, please visit the Programme for Simulation Innovation.

"Enabled by the strategic partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and EPSRC the Programme for Simulation Innovation is a great example of how the UK's best academics and industry can work together to boost the nation's productivity. Through development of an advanced simulation capability new products and concepts will be delivered to market faster, more efficiently and more robustly."

Prof Philip Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, EPSRC

"While we already utilise a wide range of sophisticated virtual engineering tools and processes to design, engineer and test our new vehicles, we are keen to enhance the future capability of virtual simulation and tailor them for automotive product development. We want to make advances in the simulated driver and passenger experience, including more realistic imagery, sounds and even smells.  These projects will help us analyse increasingly complex cars at whole vehicle, system and component levels, as well as enhancing the high performance computers that industry will use in the future to mine increasing amounts of more complex data."

Dr Bob Joyce, Director of Product Development, Jaguar Land Rover Limited