Details of recent activities supported by the Manufacturing the Future theme. For more details of each activity, please contact the office.

Future Formulation

A series of projects, addressing challenges in formulation science, that aim to develop and improve manufacturing processes for the production of complex structured products, based on interdisciplinary research in fundamental and applied science.

Manufacturing Advanced Functional Materials

To capitalise on the strengths of the UK research base and the growing capacity in functional materials research, this activity addresses the manufacturing research challenges in developing applications, production technologies and future processes that incorporate advanced functional materials, thereby identifying the most promising pathways for scale-up to applications and devices of these innovative materials.

Material Substitution

The dynamic between product performance, economic factors (e.g. production, system and whole life costs) and manufacturability has therefore been critical to adoption of new materials technologies. This activity is supporting research that addresses the manufacturing challenges associated with novel replacements for materials that are scarce, difficult to source, expensive or deleterious to health and the environment.