Objectives within the partnership

Our objectives for collaborating within the LWEC partnership are considerably more ambitious than previously, with a clear focus and targeted strategy.

We will:

  • Stimulate and support innovative, creative and multidisciplinary research that addresses gaps and new opportunities in our priority areas of Infrastructure and Water. We will do this through targeted activities, including a focus on large-scale solutions to water scarcity and by addressing key questions in the design, operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure, recognising the need for greater resilience to environmental change and taking account of the increasing complexity, interdependencies and systems-level approaches required
  • Identify and support established and early career leaders in our priority areas of water and infrastructure who can build and lead multidisciplinary teams and engage with practitioners and policymakers, and work with them to identify and tackle future challenges
  • Increase the extent of business and policy involvement in new investments, ensuring they are co-created through LWEC partners and networks.

We will look to identify synergies between the LWEC agenda and the entire EPSRC portfolio of support, including the EPSRC-led cross-council themes of Energy, Manufacturing, Digital Economy and Global Uncertainties.

We will also build on current accredited activities, such as Adaptation and Resilience in a Changing Climate (ARCC), Geoengineering, and Science and Heritage, by highlighting outputs to LWEC partners and gathering evidence for shaping portfolios. We will ensure that the EPSRC-LWECportfolio is aligned to other LWEC activities such as TSB innovation platforms and other Research Council programmes.

The Water and Innovation Research Framework (UKWRIF), LWEC flooding strategy and the recommendations from Infrastructure (UK), along with the changing policy landscape, will assist in shaping our plans. More definite plans should be available from October 2011 as a consequence of strategy workshops being held through the LWEC challenges.