Living With Environmental Change (LWEC)

LWEC is a network of 20 UK public-sector organisations that fund, carry out and use environmental research. The LWEC Network enhances the impact of the UK's publicly-funded environmental change research, evidence and innovation by enabling members to co-ordinate strategic activities. By leveraging resources and avoiding duplication, network members can be more efficient in their use of public funds to give decision-makers the knowledge they need to make informed responses to environmental change.

The role of engineering and the physical sciences is particularly important in enabling progress in areas such as resilient national infrastructure, water security and protection against high impact extreme events, including flooding. We will explore how strong links with energy, engineering and whole systems thinking can contribute towards these challenges to shape the portfolio so that we can deliver high quality and rigorous research and leaders who can use the LWEC partners and their networks to maximise impact.

If you would like to read more about how Infrastructure is supporting the future (PDF 3MB) please read through the position statement.

We also manage a small portfolio of research relevant to geoengineering and are open to opportunities for working with other LWEC partners in this area, in particular to build on existing activities by highlighting outputs to partners. We are mindful that our portfolio in geoengineering needs to be developed responsibly taking account of societal and ethical implications.

More information can be found on the LWEC website.

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