ICT Theme Approach to Building Leadership

ICT Theme operates within the wider EPSRC aspirations for this strategy, which is to support our best scientists and engineers throughout their careers by fostering ambition, creativity, ability to take risks, and potential to innovate. The Building Leadership strategy is about focussing EPSRC resources and support on excellent people throughout the career path using a diverse range of flexible opportunities.

The highly skilled, numerate people we deliver will take with them into the economy the skills and know-how needed to produce the new technologies, products and services which create jobs and enhance productivity. They will also have the absorptive capacity to use knowledge and technologies which may have been developed elsewhere.

The ICT Theme's strategy for Building Leadership recognises that it is inspirational scientists and engineers who lead excellent research and maximise its impact for the economy. We will invest in people with leadership potential across all career stages, enabling them to maximise their contribution within Universities, Business, and Government, in the context of the Delivery Plan for 2016 - 2020.

What are we doing?

Fellowships in ICT

Fellowships are an important component of the Developing Leaders goal and research leaders, or those with the potential to become them, are encouraged to apply through the new Fellowships Framework. Fellowships in ICT will be awarded in line with the theme's strategy and wider EPSRC policy regarding its strategic goals.

EPSRC support for ICT research training

This is delivered via Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT), Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP), and Industrial CASE Studentships (ICASE)

There are 11 CDTs that are centred on ICT research training, and there are a further 14 Centres that have a strong ICT research training component.

The New Investigator Award scheme

ICT researchers are eligible for this EPSRC scheme which aims to help new academics apply for research funding at the start of their careers.

Early Career Researcher Workshops in 2017

The workshops will provide an update on EPSRC and ICT Theme strategies and policies, and guidance on applying for grants. The workshops will be attended by a number of EPSRC staff but also by experienced academics from across the ICT portfolio providing guidance and mentoring throughout the two days. The events will include a number of facilitated sessions covering topics such as impact from research, career development and a number of new ICT Theme priorities. They will also include opportunities for networking with other ECR colleagues and the previously mentioned mentors.

UK ICT Pioneers

ICT Pioneers is a unique partnership between EPSRC and key stakeholders, that aims to recognise the most exceptional UK doctoral students in ICT-related topics, who are able to communicate and demonstrate the excellence and exploitation potential of their research.

What will be doing in the future?

The ICT Theme will continue to support ICT researchers throughout their careers in the ways already detailed, and will work within the wider EPSRC Building Leadership strategy to make sure that this support evolves and remains relevant.