ICT Theme approach to Accelerating Impact

ICT research and training is a prolific source of innovative new ideas which have great potential to benefit the UK's citizens, economy and society in a wide variety of ways. To help realise this potential we are actively working to apply the EPSRC strategy for Accelerating Impact in the ICT community.

What are we doing?

The ICT Theme are:

  • Working with Innovate UK, KTN, NMI connected communities, BCS, Digital Catapult and other organisations to share strategy and inform our activities.
  • Funding researchers to accelerate the impact of their work through pathways to impact and impact acceleration account funding.
  • Championing the importance of impact, and communicating this to the next generation of ICT researchers through early career workshops and the ICT Pioneers competition.
  • Identifying and promoting strong examples of impact in our portfolio through publishing (see the case studies in the references section below) and communicating success to wider government.
  • Ensuring that theme strategy including cross ICT priorities are appropriately informed by the needs of business and policy working in the space of our research portfolios.

What will we do in the future?

The ICT Theme are continuing to work on each of the above points and are always looking for case studies of impact to share more widely. If you have any examples of impact that your research has led to that you would like to share, we would be glad to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.

As part of EPSRC's current strategy, the ICT Theme acknowledge a very strong link to the role of ICT research in delivering a future prosperous nation, with particular links to achieving our ambitions for a connected future.