ICT Theme Approach to Balancing Capability

ICT Strategy for Balancing Capability

Balancing capability is one of three EPSRC core strategies and is key to achieving the EPSRC delivery plan goals and vision.

The ICT Theme adopts a holistic approach that considers the overall funding landscape and the multiple interconnections between research areas that form the ICT portfolio. Our aim is to reach a balance in the portfolio that will maintain key UK capabilities while providing space for new areas to emerge. Our strategy is formed and delivered through specific positions on research areas, the development of which is detailed in the Theme’s Our Approach page and a refresh of the cross-ICT priorities.

What are we doing?

Working close with the ICT community and continuing our engagement will be vital for implementing our strategy and monitoring the development of our portfolio in the long term. We aim to:

Update the ICT community and discuss the ICT Balancing capability Strategy through dedicated regional meetings.

Provide information and support, enabling the ICT research community to effectively respond to the new cross-ICT priorities.