What is a Cross-ICT Priority?

We use a combination of strategies to deliver the ICT Theme's goals. Strategies have been developed at both the individual Research Area level and also as broader Cross-ICT priorities. The priorities identified for the current delivery plan have been developed following a series of community discussions, workshops and with input from the ICT Strategic Advisory Team.

Some funding schemes require applicants to consider one or all of the priorities specifically. More broadly however applicants are asked to consider the different priorities and consider how they might be relevant to or impact on their research and/or how they might contribute to addressing them.

Cross ICT priorities will always:

  • Span and bring together multiple Research Areas or disciplines
  • Identify, describe and address challenges for the future which are exciting and inspirational,
  • Be ICT-centric but not necessarily solely related to ICT
  • Be specific, understandable and actionable, aiming overall to guide the direction of research

In addition, where appropriate, a cross-ICT priority may help to coordinate community-driven activities, building on distinct strengths and enabling diverse responses to a topical and time-bound challenge which may be unlikely to happen in the desired way, or at the right scale, without intervention.