EPSRC Cross-ICT Priorities 2017 - 2020

EPSRC launched a set of cross-ICT priorities in 2012 which have been successful in changing community behaviours and building critical mass in areas of national importance, and will remain the Theme's priority's until early 2017.

As part of the Balancing Capability exercise to refresh the research area rationales and trajectories, EPSRC has developed a new set of priorities for ICT researchers to consider when applying for grants from early 2017. These priorities will run for the remainder of the Delivery Plan (2016-2020). This webpage gives a high level description of these new priorities which will be expanded on in the coming months.

We wish to stimulate and encourage research that aims to address these priorities and recognise that researchers from many of the research areas in the landscape (including those beyond ICT) can and should contribute and work together to do so.