The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability theme includes research which proposes new ways to transmit, present, manage, analyse, process, generate or understand information.

We have developed a strategy for the portfolio by taking a view of the whole research portfolio and identifying a number of cross cutting priorities.

In addition to encouraging research which underpins the challenge areas of Digital economy, Energy, Healthcare technologies and Manufacturing the future, EPSRC has the following list of cross-ICT priorities:

  • Data Enabled Decision Making
  • Future Intelligent Technologies
  • Safe and Secure ICT
  • People at the Heart of ICT
  • Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation
  • New and Emerging Areas

We wish to stimulate and encourage research that aims to address these priorities and recognise that researchers from many of the research areas in the landscape (including those beyond ICT) should all contribute and work together. These priorities replace the first set of ICT priorities which were successful in changing community behaviours and building critical mass in areas of national importance.