Information and communication technologies (ICT) contacts

ICT Sciences contacts

The ICT Team comprises of three Senior Portfolio Managers and eight Portfolio Managers and is led by the Head of Theme which is Sam Francis.

If you have not found an answer to your question on these web pages or you just want to get in touch then please email or call one of us. If the research area of your interest is not managed by one of our Portfolio Managers, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Each Portfolio Manager is responsible for a different section of the research portfolio as listed below. If you have questions relating to a specific Research Area, or maybe you are concerned about the progress of a proposal, or want to know more about our relevant strategies or wish to invite us to something important in the area, then please get in touch with the Portfolio Manager looking after your area. We are always happy to talk to you and will endeavour to answer any queries as soon as we can.

Different schemes and different parts of our strategy are also looked after by different Portfolio Managers. Have a look at our responsibilities, below to see who might be best to talk to if you have any concerns or questions.

James Dracott, Head of ICT

James has worked across EPSRC and UKRI since 2014. He took over as Head of ICT in 2020.

Natasha Richardson - Senior Portfolio Manager; 01793 444362

Natasha has worked within the Research Councils since 2001. Natasha manages the strategy for Cyber Security and coordinates Safe and Secure ICT.

Jessica Bonham - Senior Portfolio Manager; 01793 444553

Jessica joined EPSRC and the ICT Theme in February 2019 and is the Business Champion for the MIQS cluster and co-ordinates Centres of Excellence.  Jessica manages the following Research Areas:

Renée van de Locht - Senior Portfolio Manager; 01793 444087

Renée joined EPSRC in 2014 and the ICT Theme as a Senior Portfolio Manager since 2017. Renée coordinates the ICT Peer Review including standard mode panels and works closely with the AI team to manage the strategy for ICT in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Laura Cadman - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444299

Laura joined EPSRC and the ICT Theme in 2017 and coordinates the Future Intelligent Technologies cross-ICT priority. Laura supports Renée in managing the strategy for ICT in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manages the following Research Areas:

Maryam Crabbe-Mann - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444364

Maryam joined EPSRC and the ICT Theme in 2019. Maryam manages the following Research Areas:

Esther Harper - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444386

Esther joined EPSRC and the ICT theme in 2020. Esther coordinates the Cross-Disciplinarity and Co-Creation cross-ICT priority, is the ICT contact for the New Investigator Award scheme and manages the following research areas:

Luis Lopez-Bracey - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444247

Luis joined EPSRC and the ICT Theme in 2018 and is responsible for Dark Fibre Facility and Programme Grants and manages the following Research Areas:

Rhys Perry - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444466

Rhys joined EPSRC and the ICT Theme in November 2018 and is responsible for the New and Emerging areas cross-ICT priority, and contact for ICT Fellowships and manages the following research areas:

Liam Boyle - Portfolio Manager; 01793 444364

Liam joined EPSRC in July 2019 and works across both the ICT and the AI themes Liam manages the following research areas:

James Coombs OBrien - Portfolio Manager; 01793 442714

James’ manages the following research areas and is the conveyor for SAT.