Information and communication technologies (ICT)

The vision for information and communication technologies (ICT) capability is to support UK scientists to deliver the very best research and training to meet the future scientific needs across the science base. This needs to be set in the context of the national provision and also how the UK competes in these areas internationally.

To deliver this aspiration and ensure that we will provide the flow of people needed to sustain capability at all career stages in areas of strategic importance we have mapped the whole portfolio and highlighted those areas with strategies where we wish to encourage a shift in the current levels of investment. The following landscape graphic is deliberately set at the research area level to reflect back to the community the competing investments.

Alongside the strategies for each research area, EPSRC has identified a number of cross-ICT priorities which researchers are asked to consider when preparing proposals. The widespread integration of Responsible Research and Innovation and the improvement of Equality and Diversity across the portfolio are also priorities for the theme.

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We still aim to fund research across the ICT spectrum but in reduce areas this will be on an increased competitive basis. In areas of growth, proposals will still be subject to rigorous peer review to ensure only excellent science is supported.