Developing our strategy

The healthcare technologies strategy was developed in collaboration with our Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) and through engagement with the research community, users and other funders.

Building on a range of previous reviews and reports, we worked with our SAT to produce an initial list of Grand Challenges in Healthcare Technologies to which computational, engineering, mathematical and physical sciences could make a significant contribution. These were published in early 2014 and feedback sought via community web surveys. In parallel to this we held two user engagement workshops in January and April 2014 to capture the views of industry and other stakeholders. The inputs from the surveys and the user engagement workshops fed into a third workshop in June 2014 to which a range of stakeholders were invited.

The outputs of all these activities were summarised in a report which was made available to the SAT in the summer of 2014.

In autumn 2014, the SAT used the report to agree the concept of an interconnected matrix, including grand challenges, cross-cutting capabilities, and an impact and translation toolkit. Between autumn 2014 and March 2015 the SAT worked with EPSRC to finalise the content of these different elements.