Graphic showing interaction between Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges and cross-cutting capabilities

Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges (select to enlarge)

The healthcare technologies strategy aims to achieve the vision of the theme; to accelerate the translation of EPSRC research to healthcare applications. The strategy was developed in collaboration with our Strategic Advisory Team and through engagement with the research community, users and other funders. It builds on the recommendation of the Maxwell Review 'The importance of engineering and physical sciences research to health and life sciences' which highlighted the benefits of challenge led approaches in stimulating multidisciplinary research.

The strategy has three elements which form an interconnected matrix and provide a framework for the activities of the theme:

  • Grand challenges: these are healthcare focussed challenges to which computational, engineering, mathematical and physical scientists can make a significant contribution;
  • Cross-cutting research capabilities: these are areas of research which are essential for delivering the grand challenges;
  • Impact and translation toolkit: these are specific topics and issues that we encourage researchers to consider in order to make it more likely that impact will arise, that it will arise more quickly and that it will bring benefit to the UK.

Full details of the three elements of the strategy can be found via the links below or by downloading the full Healthcare Technologies strategy document (PDF).

Future activities undertaken by the theme will have their scientific focus framed by the grand challenges and the capabilities required to deliver them. Such interventions will, where possible and appropriate, be delivered in partnership with other funders or EPSRC themes.

We will continue to work in partnership with the EPSRC Capability themes to provide opportunities for investigator led research programmes with the potential to deliver the aims and vision of the theme.

This is a long term strategy for healthcare technologies at EPSRC which will guide us for a number of years. We will amend and update the strategy periodically to ensure it remains timely.