Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards

EPSRC has supported promising early career researchers in Healthcare Technologies through two calls for Healthcare technologies Challenge Awards (HTCAs). There are currently no plans for a future call.

Scope of the award

HTCA grants were designed to support early career researchers to develop a personal programme of high quality, creative and multidisciplinary research, and to support and grow their research group.  They were intended to be a platform from which a broader funding portfolio can be built over the period of the grant.   HTCA calls have not defined the scientific focus of the research.  The emphasis has been on the leadership qualities of the applicant, both in terms of research leadership and team leadership.  The pathway to impact for the research in health is also important. 

There have been two calls for HTCAs. Nine HTCAs were funded through the first call and eight through the second call.

Current HTCAs

  • Dr Sarah Bohndiek, University of Cambridge
  • Professor David Clifton, University of Oxford
  • Dr Adrien Desjardins, University College London
  • Dr Rylie Green, Imperial College London
  • Dr Ruchi Gupta, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Antoine Jerusalem, University of Oxford
  • Dr Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Heriot-Watt University
  • Dr Kianoush Nazarpour, Newcastle University
  • Dr Robert Neely, University of Birmingham
  • Dr David Nordsletten, King’s College London
  • Dr Frankie Rawson, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Silvia Schievano, University College London
  • Dr Rebecca Shipley, University College London
  • Dr David Smith, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr James Walsh, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Sophie Williams, University of Leeds