The UK government has given national security the highest priority, and has created a National Security Council which has identified for the next five years that cyber security is among the four highest priority risks facing our society. Addressing this risk will contribute significantly to making the UK more secure and resilient, protecting our people, economy and infrastructure and better helping shape a more stable world in an increasingly connected and interdependent global context.

We will draw on the national cyber security strategy and seek wider views on EPSRC cyber security strategy.

The scope of cyber security is recognised as diverse and complex. There is no one recognised national focus, or recognised academic discipline. Consequently, EPSRC has produced a discussion paper in cyber security in consultation with stakeholders in government and industry and through advice from the Research Councils' strategic advisory group for the Global Uncertainties programme. This will help provide researchers with the context and directions for new knowledge and skill development and supply to meet UK national needs and opportunities beyond EPSRC support.