Objectives within the partnership

EPSRC's objectives for collaborating within the Global Uncertainties research council partnership are focused and targeted.

Our key ambition is for the UK to be an internationally acknowledged and renowned source of new ideas and solutions to cyber security problems. To achieve this we will draw on an innovative research base within the universities, and so help reduce cyber security risks in government and private networked systems; improve knowledge generation, capabilities and decision-making about cyber space; increase knowledge exchange between universities, business and government agencies; and exploit innovative opportunities in cyber space.

We will address this ambition by:

  • Increasing researcher awareness of national priorities and challenges in, for example, inter-connected systems, cloud computing, hacking, social engineering deceptions, insider behaviours
  • Making that capability more coherent and better connected with users
  • Investing in interdisciplinary activity to address gaps in cyber security capability (with focus on human behaviour and legal, ethical interaction with Information and communications technology (ICT)) leading to high stakeholder impact
  • Co-investing with practitioners and developers and well-connected university centres of international excellence to government and business with the intention of improving cyber visibility, IT standards and IT health.

Specifically we will:

  • Draw on the expertise of leaders mainly in the ICT capability programme who transcend the boundaries between the ICT and human behaviour disciplines, and connect with researchers across the ICT portfolio and beyond
  • Commission new and emerging areas of innovative research and skills development including interdisciplinary connections, mainly ICT with human behaviour, translational activity and user connectivity
  • Act as a broker when approached by user organisations
  • Present the portfolio to interested user organisations.

EPSRC will commission in UK universities, in partnership wherever possible with user organisations, new research and skills development in cybersecurity. Proposals submitted by UK universities will be expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Address an identified gap in capability or existing capability
  • Have international quality as determined by competitive peer review
  • Address a UK national requirement
  • Have a strong and focused impact plan
  • Engage stakeholders where it is demonstrated that user requirements are being directly addressed and user organisations have entered into collaborative partnerships. This may include contributing financially to the activity; a firm commitment to remain closely involved in the activity during its duration; and, in principle, a willingness to commit to exploit any useful outcomes
  • Are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary in nature
  • Will collaborate with other research groups in other universities, if appropriate
  • Show commitment to EPSRC's Delivering Impact goal
  • Can demonstrate high quality benefits from previous investments
  • Are in accordance with EPSRC demand management policies and research data policy.