Engineering strategy

Our strategy is to support excellent long-term core and multidisciplinary engineering research while ensuring alignment to the priorities set out in the EPSRC Delivery Plan (2019).

As the single largest public sector funder of engineering research, we will stimulate creativity and long-term thinking in areas with the potential for long-term impact. We will actively shape our portfolio, focusing resource on areas where the UK is internationally leading, or has a realistic chance of taking an international lead, while reducing investments in areas of lower national importance.

Taking a holistic view of our portfolio, we will focus on core engineering skills, knowledge and resources, and integrate research policies so that they successfully deliver against EPSRC's priority challenge themes of Energy, Healthcare Technologies and Manufacturing the Future - which are dependent on underpinning engineering research and a flow of leading researchers between disciplines.

We will maintain our emphasis on quality over quantity in postgraduate training provision and will continue to support the best early-stage researchers with the potential to be international leaders. To this end we will actively manage our 'critical mass' investments, specifically Programme Grants, Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) and other large centres.