Engineering Research Infrastructure Roadmap

The funding landscape for research infrastructure has changed over the last five years and continues to do so. Recent national investments made by Government has perturbed the infrastructure funding landscape and added new funding streams that offer attractive and timely opportunities.

EPSRC has and continues to offer a number of funding opportunities to support equipment and facilities, ranging from instrument development to large test rigs. This support is both for individual investigators to procure new equipment for their own use and for groups of researchers across the UK requiring access to specific facilities. EPSRC aims to tension this support with an increased emphasis on sharing and against the backdrop of recent government reviews and economic constraints that have encouraged greater scrutiny on spending.

There is now a renewed desire to understand what infrastructure is required to deliver high quality research and produce well-trained, highly skilled people that maintains the UK's international standing in engineering. This roadmap has been developed in consultation with the engineering community to further stimulate and focus the infrastructure needs of UK engineering research. Its implications rely heavily on the research community and funders working together to fully share and exploit the existing infrastructure, promote future infrastructure investments and to establish a pipeline of ideas for future business cases to government that will enhance and accelerate knowledge and capability in engineering for the benefit of UK growth.