Engineering for a Prosperous Nation

On Monday, 15 January 2018, EPSRC announced an investment of £6.6 million through the Engineering for a Prosperous Nation call to support projects with potentially transformative impact in fields ranging from autonomous vehicles to energy storage and healthcare technology.

The Engineering for a Prosperous Nation call was an activity under the Bright IDEAS Awards: The Big Pitch initiative which made the first step to encourage bids from the Engineering community with the potential to contribute to the EPSRC Delivery Plan Prosperity Outcomes framework. The process involved two stages: anonymous shortlisting of proposals followed by a "Dragon's Den"-style interview. 28 projects at 17 different universities have been supported, with grants awarded to researchers across all career stages and representing a diverse range of fields.

The call was designed to encourage and support potentially-transformative, high-risk fundamental Engineering research that contributes towards the outcomes that because of their risky and speculative nature might otherwise struggle to attract funding.