Challenging Engineering grant holders workshops

In additional to the financial support provided to awardees EPSRC also hosts Grant Holders Workshops. These workshops are an opportunity for Challenging Engineering researchers to network with one another and EPSRC staff, to build relationships and discuss current issues and future opportunities.

Challenging Engineers and EPSRC staff at the 2010 grant holders workshop.

These workshops are run by EPSRC to support current grant holders and to provide additional opportunities for training and networking but these events are also an opportunity for grant holders to discuss and influence EPSRC policy.

This year’s event included sessions on:

  • Presentation skills from Public Engagement expert Laura Grant
  • Presenting to different audiences
  • Professor David Delpy, EPSRC Chief Executive, discussed the new Strategic Plan and future developments concerning the research community
  • Programme overviews and strategic discussion with Heads of Programme:
  • The importance of communicating Impact and advice from the EPSRC communications team
  • Sharing experiences and best practice on leading Challenging Engineering awards