Dr Tiziana Rossetto, University College London

EPICentre: Earthquake and people interaction centre

My Challenging Engineering award

EPICentre consists of a dynamic multi-disciplinary research group that looks to help answer the question “What is the most effective way to direct engineering investment to minimise adverse effects on local economies and populations?”. This question is being broached through research projects that address both hard engineering, and social and cultural issues. Currently, four projects are underway that look at:

  1. Tsunami impact on structures and communities,
  2. Better models for earthquake damage prediction, and
  3. The psychological drivers behind people’s behaviour in earthquakes and
  4. The development of community resilience indicators for use with remotely sensed data.

Highlights since holding the award.

Creating tsunami waves in the lab. Growing my research group and starting more international initiatives.

What have you achieved with your award that you wouldn’t have otherwise achieved?

The ability to pursue research that lies at the interface between disciplines.

What is it about the scheme that attracted you?

The freedom and longer time scale of the grant.

What does it take to be a Challenging Engineering research leader?

Dedication, hard work, creative thinking and a lot of determination!

What is your advice of anyone thinking of applying to Challenging Engineering?

Do it! Be adventurous and think of your objectives over a long-term horizon.