Current challenging engineering researchers

Since the Challenging Engineering scheme first started in 2005 we have invested around £35 million in 38 individuals to establish themselves as the future leaders of research.


Dr Ian Kinloch, The University of Manchester
Delivering Graphene as an Engineering Material
(GoW EP/I023879/1)

Dr Julian Jones, Imperial College London
Hybrid approaches to tissue engineering
(GoW EP/I020861/1)

Dr Jennifer Hastie, University of Strathclyde
Ultra-precision optical engineering with short-wavelength semiconductor disk laser technology
(GoW EP/I022791/1)

Dr Mordechai Haklay, University College London
Extreme Citizen Science – ExCiteS
(GoW EP/I025278/1)

Dr George Constantinides, Imperial College London
Reliable Numerical Computation with Parallel Unreliable Technologies
(GoW EP/I020357/1)

Dr Brian Gerardot, Heriot-Watt University
Extreme light-matter interaction in the solid-state for quantum technologies
(GoW EP/I023186/1)

Dr Russell Davenport, Newcastle University
Mitigating the risk of micropollutants in the environment
(GoW EP/I025782/1)

Dr Peter Martin, The University of Manchester
Biosurfactant process engineering a new era of white unit operations
(GoW EP/I024905/1)

Dr Allessandro Olivo, University College London
Transforming the use of x-rays in science and society
(GoW EP/I021884/1)

Dr Eleanor Stride, University of Oxford
Therapeutic Imaging
(GoW EP/I021795/1)


Dr Rebecca Cain, University of Warwick
Participation in healthcare environment engineering
(GoW EP/H022031/1)

Dr Noah Russell, University of Nottingham
Synthetic Cognitive Systems
(GoW EP/H022112/1)

Dr Jennifer Whyte, University of Reading
Design Innovation Research Centre
(GoW EP/H02204X/1)


Dr Janet Barlow, University of Reading
Advanced Climate Technology Urban Atmospheric Laboratory (ACTUAL)
GoW EP/G029938/1)

Professor Joby Boxall, University of Sheffield
Pipe Dreams
(GoW EP/G029946/1)

Dr Karen Johnson, Durham University
ROBUST: Regeneration of Brownfield Using Sustainable Technologies
(GoW EP/G028958/1)

Dr Ka-man Lai, Hong Kong Baptist University
Infrastructure and the 21st century infectious diseases
(GoW EP/G029881/1)

Dr Catherine Noakes, University of Leeds
Integrated Design of Hospital Wards for a Safe and Sustainable Patient Environment
(GoW EP/G029768/1)


Dr Constantin Coussios, University of Oxford
Bubble Therapy: a New Paradigm for Targeted Drug Delivery by Ultrasound
(GoW EP/F011547/1)

Dr Adam Gibson, University College London
Medical Imaging: Biology not physics
(GoW EP/F01208X/1)

Dr Sherri Johnstone, Durham University
Next Generation Bio-Inspired Sensors and Smart Materials
(GoW EP/F01189X/1)

Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Heriot-Watt University
Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage
(GoW EP/F012098/1)

Professor Jeremy O’Brien, University of Bristol
Photonic Quantum Technologies
(GoW EP/F010524/1)

Dr Tiziana Rossetto, University College London
EPICENTRE - Earthquake and People Interaction Centre
(GoW EP/F012179/1)

Dr Ruth Wilcox, University of Leeds
Engineering solutions to back pain: an interdisciplinary approach
(GoW EP/F010575/1)


Professor Alexander Bismarck, Imperial College London
'Intelligent Adapters': A New Paradigm in Multifunctional Polymer NanoComposite Engineering
(GoW EP/E007538/1)

Dr Alistair Elfick, University of Edinburgh
The Near and Far Future of Raman Microscopy
(GoW EP/E007864/1)

Dr Kerry Kirwan, University of Warwick
Sustainable Materials - A Global Challenge
(GoW EP/E007252/1)

Professor Cathryn Mitchell, University of Bath
Invert - A Centre for Imaging Science
(GoW EP/E007902/1)

Professor Molly Stevens, Imperial College London
Engineering Nanomaterials for and from Biology
(GoW EP/E007627/1)

Dr Rebecca Seviour, University of Huddersfield
High Power Photonic Band Gap Engineering: Accelerators and RF Sources
(GoW EP/E007635/1)


Dr Nigel Bannister, University of Leicester
Sensors in Extreme Environments
(GoW EP/D030277/1)

Dr Matthew Clark, University of Nottingham
SIOS (Space Integrated Optical Sensors)
(GoW EP/D030129/1)

Dr M B Johnston, University of Oxford
Terahertz sensors for extreme environments
(GoW EP/D030242/1)

Dr Susan Taylor, Queens University Belfast
Corrosion monitoring systems for structures in extreme marine environments
(GoW EP/D030196/1)

Professor Tong Sun, City University London 
Corrosion monitoring systems for structures in extreme marine environments
(GoW EP/D030269/1)

Dr Jemma Wadham, University of Bristol
Automated biogeochemical sensing of icy ecosystems
(GoW EP/D057620/1)