Supergen Phase 4 (2017+)

Following the review of the Supergen Programme in the summer of 2016, it was agreed that the next phase should carry out and commission research within a coordinated strategic framework and focus on a community led programme of fundamental to applied research, of national importance.

The Programme should use research to address high impact user, industrial and government inspired problems whilst also covering adventurous discovery-led investigations. However, it is recognised that the position a Supergen hub adopts will depend on the area which is covers, for example wind power is in a different adoption space to storage, etc.

The Supergen Review 2016 report recommended that in the next phase each Supergen hub should feature an enhanced management structure including a Director and Co-Directors. These would be responsible for, amongst other activities, supporting cross-hub activities and engagement outside of the core universities and ensure a balance of funding distribution that maximises high quality research outputs.

In order to identify hub Directors with the right balance of skills, EPSRC will commission the next phase of Supergen using a two stage process. The first of these stages will be a Supergen Leader Call, to identify the best hub Director. The winner of this competition will then receive six months of funding to build a consortium, plan a community led programme of research and prepare a full application for the second stage.