Supergen Phase 3 (2011 to 2017)

SUPERGEN is part of the Research Councils UK Energy Programme and is a key initiative in SUstainable PowER GENeration, supply, transmission and storage. It aims to contribute to solving the energy ‘trilemma’ through a radical improvement in the sustainability and resilience of the UK's power generation and supply.

With the first consortia launched in 2003, the SUPERGEN program now supports seven Hubs and represents the focus of the energy programme’s significant contribution to renewable energy research.

The SUPERGEN initiative has pioneered the way forward in Renewable Energy. As well as the impressive array of technology being furthered by the several dozen university departments involved, along with their numerous industrial partners, the consortia have broken new ground in the way they have approached their subjects.

Rather than working on specific, discrete projects in isolation, the SUPERGEN projects look at entire topics and deal with many aspects of them. This requires a multidisciplinary team, closely collaborating to ensure that all parts of the bigger picture are not only seen, but effectively explored and dealt with. The resulting breadth of coverage within the consortium illustrates the benefits of the unique approach that runs throughout SUPERGEN.


PI: Professor Patricia Thornley (Manchester)

Contact: Laura.O' (Project Manager, Dr Laura O’Keefe)

Grant reference: EP/J017302/1

Grant extension (2017 to 2018) EP/P024823/1

The aim of the SUPERGEN Bioenergy hub is to bring together industry, academia and other stakeholders to focus on the research and knowledge challenges associated with increasing the contribution of UK bioenergy to meet strategic environmental and energy security targets in a coherent, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Energy Storage

PI: Professor Peter Bruce (Oxford)


Grant reference: EP/L019469/1

The SUPERGEN Energy Storage Research Consortium (SUPERSTORE) covers a wide range of research activities from electrochemical, mechanical to thermal energy storage and spans the entire energy storage value chain through manufacturing, scaling-up, integration and an evaluation of the different energy storage technologies as part of the whole system. The consortium brings together stakeholders to create pathways to pull through research, ensuring the knowledge transfer and exploitation of the science.

Hub Net

PI: Professor Tim Green (Imperial)


Grant reference: EP/I013636/1

Grant extension (2016 to 2018) EP/N030028/1

The initial core of HubNet is formed of eight universities, which together give broad coverage of the energy networks space including power system planning, power system operation, dynamic stability, power electronics applications, power semiconductor devices, high voltage equipment and materials, condition monitoring, gas/heat/electricity interactions and telecommunications for the smart grid.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

PI: Professor Nigel Brandon (Imperial)


Grant reference: EP/J016454/1

Grant extension (2017 to 2019) EP/P024807/1

The H2FC SUPERGEN research Hub seeks to address a number of key issues facing the hydrogen and fuel cells sector, specifically:

  1. To demonstrate and enhance the role of hydrogen and fuel cells research in the UK energy landscape, and to link this to the wider landscape internationally
  2. To identify, study and exploit the impact of hydrogen and fuel cells in low carbon energy system for a wide range of applications 

Marine Energy

PI: Professor Robin Wallace (Edinburgh)


Grant reference: EP/ I027912/1

Grant extension (2016 to 2018) EP/P008682/1

UK Centre for Marine Energy Research (UKCMER) mission is to ensure joined-up regional, disciplinary and thematic effort, aiming to support the wave and tidal energy sector at and beyond its current stage of development, meet the challenges in accelerating deployment towards and through 2020 targets and maintain the UK’s pre-eminence in marine energy R&D. The objectives were to:

  1. Conduct world-class fundamental and applied research that assists the marine energy sector in the UK to reliably and dependably accelerate deployment rates and ensure sustained growth in generating capacity to meet the 2020 and later targets;
  2. Expand and effectively operate an inclusive network of academic researchers, industry partners and international collaborators;
  3. Continue to provide the highest quality of doctoral training and knowledge transfer in partnership with industry to build intellectual and human capacity for the sector.

Solar Power

PI: Professor Mike Walls (Loughborough)

Contact: (Coordinator, Sharon Henson)

Grant reference: EP/ J017361/1

Grant extension (2017 to 2018) EP/P02484X/1

The primary objective of the SuperSolar consortium was to establish a coordinated network for the PV research community in the UK. SuperSolar works with the Energy KTN to expand the Hub community membership (academic, industrial and commercial). The Hub champions photovoltaics research and helps to define the important research challenges and create realistic UK targets.

Wind Power

PI: Professor Bill Leithead (Strathclyde)


Grant reference: EP/ L014106/1

The overall objective for the Wind Energy Research Hub is to address the medium term challenges of scaling up to multiple wind farms, considering how to better build, operate and maintain multi-GW arrays of wind turbines whilst providing a reliable source of electricity whose characteristics can be effectively integrated into a modern power system such as that in the UK.