Solar energy is the only renewable energy technology that, in theory, could meet all of the world's energy needs. The use of solar energy as a viable large scale energy source to date has been limited by the cost and efficiency of the available technology.

To address this, we are supporting a large portfolio of research with many multiple partners. One of the major investments in our portfolio is in SUPERGEN SuperSolar, a five year project that will see the creation of a research programme that aims to improve the efficiency of next generation photovoltaic devices. Many of the projects are collaborative with industry, attracting additional contributions. Additionally, we have established a collaborative research call in solar energy with India, through the Indian Department for Sciences and Technology.

By implementing this research we aim to address the current issues surrounding solar efficiencies, materials use and availability. Furthermore we also aim to develop novel light harvesting technologies such a artificial photosynthesis that offer the potential for innovative low cost alternatives.