The marine environment offers some of the greatest potential for renewable energy generation in the UK - wave-energy devices and tidal power installations add to the potential for offshore wind which is already being exploited.

The British Isles are at the edge of the Atlantic and are exposed to some of the most energetic waves and tidal currents in the world. This makes us well placed to utilise marine technology to maximum effect and subsequently exploit wider international markets.

The UK Energy Programme has been key in this, with a large investment focused through the SUPERGEN Marine Energy Hub, the UK Centre for Marine Energy Research. We also have a training investment through the IDC in Offshore Renewable Energy co-funded with the ETI

We are also supporting a number of projects that are working in collaboration with a number of industrial partners such as CD Adapco and Pelamis Wave Power Ltd and we are collaborating with other funding agencies such as the Energy Technologies Institute and the Technology Strategy Board in order to push marine technology through to deployment.