Our approach

Theme strategy in relation to Balancing Capability

The key advice stream for the Digital Economy (DE) Theme has been derived from the Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board (PAB). The PAB is the equivalent of EPSRC's Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) and provides advice on EPSRC-specific policies such as Balancing Capability.

Through community-engagement activities, and PAB iteration, the Digital Economy Theme has identified a number of key priorities. These include Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security; Content Creation and Consumption; Beyond a Data-Driven Economy; Sustainable Digital Society; and Equitable Digital Society. All of these contribute to exploring the Connected Nation Outcomes. These have been important drivers in developing strategies for various EPSRC research areas, in particular Human Computer Interaction, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Information Systems and Graphics and Visualisation.

Key engagement activities

Throughout the Balancing Capability decision-making process, the PAB has been engaged and consulted with extensively. The PAB has been, presented with a range of EPSRC research areas across Information Communications Technologies, Mathematical Sciences, Energy, Healthcare Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, Quantum Technologies and Engineering Themes for consideration. For example, the PAB was asked to consider the significance of EPSRC as an investor of the areas in question and which functions of those research areas are of most value to users (such as those from industry, public sector or third sector).

Engagement activities throughout 2016 have included cross-theme involvement such as an ICT workshop on areas of relevance to data science and a data science cross-SAT workshop. The Digital Economy PAB will continue to work collaboratively with the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) to monitor the research areas of most relevance to Digital Economy and ensure a clear, strategic and joined-up advice stream.

Key evidence sources

Key evidence sources for Digital Economy Theme input into EPSRC research areas have included:

The above is not an exhaustive list; please see the individual research area rationales for further evidence sources and the Balancing Capability ‘Call for Evidence’ for further information.