Four priority areas

We are working in partnership with users and the academic community in four key cross-disciplinary priority areas:

Trust, identity, privacy and security:

Research into design and exploitation of trusted digital systems, security of information, digital devices and the maintenance of privacy of digital transactions and digital information. Research includes disruptive approaches to legal/policy issues, useable security, provenance, identity and end-user adoption. A key element around personal data is the protection of the interests of the individual, and building confidence that digital economy services will use personal information responsibly while enabling new commercial and societal opportunities for innovation.Activities include a call for proposals in the area.

Digital business models:

Research is required to consider both the impacts of digital technologies on businesses and the opportunities that digital technologies provide in developing new forms of businesses and services. Distributed ledgers are a good example of a potential transformational use of a digital technology, for example in smart contracts, the music industry and the internet of things. Examples of activities in this area include a call for proposals in Applications of Distributed Ledger Technologies and projects in the area of New Economic Business Models.

The internet of things for a service economy:

Developing the internet of things in human-centred, safe and reliable ways, to transform infrastructure, products and services and underpin all aspects of society, including cities, transport, manufacturing, health and defence. Activities include calls for proposals in the area. Activities include the PETRAS research hub.

Content creation and consumption:

Research into how digital technologies enable the creation, co-creation and exchange of content for social, cultural or business purposes (including user-generated material). Also includes research into tools, processes and platforms relevant to content distribution. Activities include a call for proposals in the area.