RF and microwave devices - action plan

Headline objective for the action plan

Growth in the relative size of the RF and microwave devices portfolio with an increase in the incorporation of novel materials and device concepts into research in this area.

What is the issue / problem with the Research Area which you need to solve?

  • There has been a small reduction in the relative size of this research area despite the published intention to grow it.
  • The encouragement to undertake more cross-disciplinary working as stated in the rationale statement has only been partially successful. In time community activities like CommNet will probably foster better working relationships and research collaboration between device and theory researchers in RF and microwave technologies. Encouraging collaboration with materials scientists may require a more directed approach.
  • Future strategy should take into account the position of RF and microwave communications as the communities overlap significantly.

What actions are you going to take to address the issue / problem?

  • A workshop is planned which will bring researchers from the RF and microwave technologies community together with materials scientists to identify research challenges at this interface and encourage collaboration. The Information and communication technologies (ICT) Strategic advisory team (SAT) advised that this workshop should take place as soon as possible, so it is planned for December 2014.
  • There was no consistent steer from the ICT SAT at the meeting in May 2014 to either merge this area with RF and microwave communications or to keep the areas separate. On this basis, it has been decided to keep the areas separate, to avoid losing sight of the specific issues relating to RF and microwave devices and to afford greater flexibility in any actions proposed.
  • Work with CommNet and mobileVCE to highlight the opportunities presented by this area having a “Grow” trajectory, and the need to see applications coming through standard mode.

What evidence / advice will you use to input to the action plan?

  • Outputs from the planned workshop will inform potential further actions.

Who will deliver each action / who needs to be involved in delivering the actions?

  • ICT Portfolio Managers
  • Physical sciences portfolio managers
  • Relevant members of the ICT and Physical sciences SATs.
  • CommNet
  • Relevant industry for example BAE, Ericson, IQE, Thales

What are your milestones / review points?

  • Community workshop in late 2014

What does success look like / how will you know your actions have addressed the issue / problem?

  • Submission and funding of multidisciplinary proposals involving researchers from the RF and microwave and materials communities is increased.
  • An increase in the relative size of the RF and microwave devices portfolio. In particular proposals with co-funding from the Physical sciences theme classified with materials research areas.

What are you contingency plans if your actions are unsuccessful?

  • If demand in standard mode does not appear to increase, outputs from the workshop will inform thinking about whether further action may need to be taken in the future.