Mathematical aspects of operational research - action plan

Headline objective for the action plan

Review, Promote and Monitor.

The action category for Mathematical aspects of operational research was “Maintain”, but the value of the portfolio as a proportion of EPSRC’s overall portfolio has reduced from 0.44% (£11.2 million) on 01 April 2011 to 0.26% (£6.9 million) on the 01 April 2014.

What actions are you going to take to address the issue / problem?

  1. Set up a cross-EPSRC task team to co-ordinate actions.
  2. Promote the new Mathematical aspects of OR fellowship priority area through appropriate forums.
  3. Monitor demand for the new Mathematical aspects of OR fellowship priority area.
  4. Raise awareness of opportunities for operational researchers to obtain funding from EPSRC Challenge themes.
  5. Consider whether the definition of the Mathematical aspects of OR area could be amended to better communicate contemporary challenges in OR.
  6. Work with the OR society to plan a review day of OR which includes other EPSRC themes and other relevant organisations. Particular issues for this review would be mapping the various funding routes for OR, considering whether the current EPSRC taxonomy of OR is still appropriate and assessing the health of the people pipeline in this area. The review day would also seek to define a clear vision and set of challenges for OR.

What evidence / advice will you use to input to the action plan?

  • Data on the number of standard mode applications, average reviewer score and success rates for Mathematical aspects of OR.
  • Data on the extent of OR funding from other EPSRC themes and other funders.
  • Evidence from OR society regarding broad OR landscape.
  • Data on amount of funding in this research area by scheme.
  • Refreshed EPSRC knowledge maps.
  • Bibliometrics on Mathematical aspects of OR publications.

Who will deliver each action / who needs to be involved in delivering the actions?

  1. EPSRC
  2. EPSRC and Maths SAT
  3. EPSRC and Maths SAT
  4. EPSRC and Maths SAT
  5. EPSRC and Maths SAT
  6. OR society, EPSRC, other Research Councils, SATs of relevant themes (for example Maths, ICT, Engineering), research leaders in the area.

What are your milestones / review points?

  • Review demand and success rates for Mathematical aspects of OR priority area after each fellowship round.
  • The OR review day.

What does success look like / how will you know your actions have addressed the issue / problem?

  • Successful responsive mode proposals
  • Good view of the people pipeline
  • Healthy fellowship uptake
  • More coherence between different aspects of OR within EPSRC

What are you contingency plans if your actions are unsuccessful?

Review where the EPS aspects of OR sit within EPSRC’s current taxonomy and consider whether any changes might be needed (for example a one stop shop for EPS aspects of OR).