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Research areas

An A-Z list of all research areas. On each research area page you will find a description of the area, along with details of and reasons for the strategic actions EPSRC intends to take. To help digest the information we have introduced visual icons to summarise particular highlights in the strategic focus of each research area. The Icons are not intended to cover all potential topics. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Determination of chemical structure by spectroscopic, diffraction and thermodynamic techniques.

Explores the behaviour of complex systems by focusing on the interconnections of their components and on systems architecture.

Research into underpinning optoelectronic technologies for the display of text, graphics, images and video.

The study of devices which generate electricity directly through the oxidation of fuel.

Aspects of enabling research that relate to the interconnectivity (wired or wireless) of computers, devices and sensors.

Research into medical imaging instruments and signals for therapeutic, monitoring and diagnostic purposes, and includes image analysis.

Design, modelling, fabrication and processing of new or improved active semiconductor-based devices and systems that use electrons and photons.

Growth, formation, processing, measurement, characterisation and multi-scale modelling of dry or wet particulate systems and fluid-particle systems.

Synthesis, characterisation and fundamental physics of superconducting materials and devices.

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