Expectations of the EPSRC Research Community

  • We expect our research community to conduct their work in an ethical and legal manner.
  • We expect our research community to reflect on their own personal and collective motivations for conducting their research. We expect our research community to anticipate, reflect and engage on the wider ethical and societal impacts, implications and value of their work, entering into dialogue with the public and other stakeholders where appropriate, and respecting the views of others.
  • We expect our research community to inform EPSRC and their own research organisations about any concerns, dilemmas and opportunities that a Responsible Innovation process surfaces as these become apparent during the research and innovation process.

Expectations of Research Organisations

  • We expect research organisations in receipt of EPSRC funding to acknowledge and respect these Responsible Innovation principles and the role they have in promoting them.
  • We expect research organisations to encourage and support researchers to develop responsible innovation approaches as a core capability, working with others across disciplines and beyond the research organisation itself.

Finally, we recognise, that if we are to translate the generic principles of Responsible Innovation in a way that is pragmatic, proportionate and ultimately of value to all, then we will need to work closely with our research community as we proceed. This will need to be a responsive and deliberative process itself where the views of our research community and wider stakeholder base are important in shaping and developing our approach to Responsible Innovation.