Tier-2 HPC Centres

What are the Tier-2 High Performance Computing (HPC) Services?

The Tier-2 HPC services are an interfacing layer of supercomputing provision between the highest capability national and international HPC services and local computing provision in individual research institutions. Collectively, they are a distributed national computing resource that provides EPSRC researchers with access to a diverse range of computational technologies not available through the national or institutional facilities.

What Tier-2 services are currently available?

How can researchers access the Tier-2 facilities?

The current mechanisms for researchers to access these services are:

  • EPSRC’s “Access to HPC” calls (excluding the MMM Hub), this call is expected to run twice per year.
  • Via their host institution, if they are a partner in the service in question (see service websites for details).
  • For the MMM Hub, materials and molecular modelling researchers can get access through the High End Computing Consortia MCC and UKCP.
  • For JADE, applicants in the area of biomolecular simulation can apply through the High End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulation.


If you have any queries, you can contact EPSRC’s e-Infrastructure team at researchinfrastructure@epsrc.ukri.org.