September 2013

Panel members
Name Institution
Dr Charles Laughton (Chair) University of Nottingham
Dr S Cant University of Cambridge
Dr Phil Ridley Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr R Roemer* University of Warwick
Catherine O'Sullivan Imperial College

*Dr R Roemer left the panel meeting before his proposal was discussed and scored

Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Rudolf Roemer Massively parallel simulation of rogue wave occurrence in optical communication systems Warwick 6,090,000
Nicolae Panoiu Large scale simulations of bio-photonic structures using parallel and explicit MOT-TDVIE solver University College London 6,446,000,000
Peter Jimack Quantitative simulation of rapid alloy solidification using phase-field simulations Leeds 5,085,000
Michael R C Hunt Investigating the physical properties of pristine and defective two-dimensional monolayer solids Durham 11,175,000
Gareth Harrison Adaptation and Resilience in Energy Systems (ARIES) Edinburgh 6,750,000
Andrei Pisliakov Understanding the mechanism of protein pumping in cbb3-type oxidase through computer simulations Dundee 6,500,000
Pierre Ricco Numerical simulations of turbulent viscoelastic flows (DRAGRED) Sheffield 5,200,000
Total (successful)   7 projects 47,246,000
Total (unsuccessful)   3 projects 19,284,000
Success rate   70% 71%
David Pontin A novel relaxation method for obtaining force-free magnetic fields: application for access to the General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) test bed resource Dundee GPGPU Test bed