October 2015

Panel members

Name Institution
Professor David Emerson STFC
Professor Hugo Van der Hart QUB
Dr Catherine O'Sullivan Imperial College
Dr Ben Slater University College London
Dr David Willock University of Cardiff
Professor Stewart Cant University of Cambridge

Successful submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Dr Helen Chappell Structural modelling of nanomineral particles implicated in gastrointestinal homeostasis and disease MRC Human Nutrition Research 84,326
Dr Aimee Morgans The aerodynamic drag of simplified road vehicles Imperial College London 52,678
Professor Zheng-Xiao Guo CO2 reduction via chemical looping reforming and novel carbon electrocatalysts University College London 22,974
Professor Christopher Pain Parallel solvers for radiation transport problems Imperial College London 3,069
Professor Richard Willden Individual Pitch Control for unsteady load relief of Axial Flow Tidal Stream Turbines University of Oxford 37,152
Professor Daan Frenkel Multiscale computational strategy to capture the molecular-level mechanisms that dictate protein folding conditional on DNA binding University of Cambridge 28,028
Total successful   6 projects 228,227
Total unsuccessful   1 project 5,277
Awarded top-up resource on standard grants
Mr Iain Bethune CP2K-UK The University of Edinburgh 7,790