October 2014

Panel Members

Name Institution
Dr Simon Crampin University of Bath
Prof. Xi Jiang Lancaster University
Dr Catherine O'Sullivan Imperial College
Dr Ben Slater University College London
Dr Rebecca Notman University of Warwick
Prof. Stewart Cant University of Cambridge
Prof. Charles Laughton University of Nottingham

Successful Submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Professor Rudolf A. Roemer Bloch-wave simulations for digital large angle convergent beam electron diffraction University of Warwick 26,327.51
Dr Mark Rayson Near micron scale DFT for radiation damage in graphite University of Surrey 48,755.52
Professor David Manolopoulos Proton diffusion in water wires from ab initio path integral molecular dynamics University of Oxford 21,168.00
Dr Benzi John Parallel dsmcFoam computations at scale for non-equilibrum flow solutions around re-entry vehicles at low altitudes. STFC 36,741.60
Professor Stuart Mcgregor Transition Metal Alkane σ-Complexes by Solid-Gas Synthesis Routes. Defining and Exploiting a New Area of Organometallic Chemistry Heriot-Watt University 65,556.00
Dr Ian Walkington Mesh Sensitivity Study for Hydrodynamics around Offshore Wind Farm in Liverpool Bay University of Liverpool 24,883.00
Professor Nick Quirke Barriers to entry: Nanoparticle translocation of cell membranes Imperial College London 60,000.00
Total (successful)   7 projects 283,431.63
Total (unsuccessful)   5 projects 441,946.50
Success rate   58.30% 39%
Awarded top-up resource on standard grants:
Professor John Harding Hard-soft interfaces: from understanding to engineering University of Sheffield 20,045.00
Professor Paul G. Tucker Cambridge Computational Aeroacoustics Consortium University of Cambridge 104,328.00