November 2012

Panel members
Name Institution
Professor David Emerson Daresbury Laboratory
Dr Simon Crampin University of Bath
Dr Charles Laughton University of Nottingham
Dr M Probert University of York
Dr Phil Ridley Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr R Roemer University of Warwick
Dr Richard Sandberg University of Southampton
Professor Mark Savill Cranfield Unviersity
Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Dr Rebecca Notman Modelling the elastic and barrier properties of the skin Warwick 39,800,000
Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk Turbulent mass transfer at high Schmidt number Imperial College London 17,000,000
Professor Stephen Jarvis Cloverleaf: preparing hydrodynamics codes for exascale Warwick University 2,002,000
Dr Catherine Ramsbottom Atomic data for fusion diagnostics Queen's University Belfast (QUB) 4,870,000
Professor Simon Watson Mesoscale modelling of offshore wind University of Loughborough 1,200,000
Professor Paul Tucker Aeroengine aeroacoustic interactions Cambridge University 16,000,000
Total (successful)   5 projects 99,300,000
Total (unsuccessful)   1 projects 47,000,000
Success rate   83.3% 95.5%
Dr Sergey Karabasov Flap noise Queen Marys College London 19,600,000 top up