November 2011

Panel members
Name Institution
Professor David Emerson Daresbury Laboratory
Dr Charles Laughton University of Nottingham
Dr Simon Crampin University of Bath
Dr M Probert University of York
Dr Phil Ridley Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr R Roemer University of Warwick
Dr Richard Sandberg University of Southampton
Professor Mark Savill Cranfield University
Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Prashant Valluri Towards a complete description of turbulence in two-phase stratified flows Edinburgh 8,726,400
Paul Madden Simulations of carbon electrodes with ionic electrolytes Oxford 1,968,500
Matthias Heil The massive parallel solution of large-displacement fluid-structure interaction problems Manchester 6,200,000
Ian MacLaren Atomic modelling of amorphous materials for advanced gravitational wave detectors Glasgow 5,400,000
Jason Crain Length scale bridging of biophysical systems: antimicrobial function, peptide-lipid interactions and viral fusion through molecular dynamics Edinburgh 10,047,925
Total (successful)   5 projects 32,342,825
Total (unsuccessful)   2 projects 2,388,800
Success rate   71.4% 93.1%
Dr Carmen Domene Structure and function of a membrane protein studied by adaptive biasing force (ABF) calculations Oxford General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) Test bed
Professor Nic Smith Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration of cardiac multi-physics models Reading GPGPU Test bed