May 2018

ARCHER Resource Allocation Panel Members

Name Institution
Dr Natalia Petrovskaya University of Birmingham
Professor Charles Laughton (Chair) University of Nottingham
Dr Jamieson Christie Loughborough University
Professor Roger Webb Surrey University
Dr Jun Zang Bath University
Professor Adrian Mulholland University of Bristol
Professor Mark Savill Cranfield University
Dr Angela Mihai Cardiff University
Dr Keith Bennett Warwick University

Successful Submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution KAUs Awarded
Prof Phillip Biggin What Controls Subunit Association in Voltage-gated Sodium Channel Complexes? University of Oxford 39,813.0
Prof Gábor Csányi Ultra-large-scale atomistic modelling of amorphous silicon using machine learning University of Cambridge 44,326.8
Prof David Burgess Simulation support to experiments investigating turbulent cascade in laboratory plasmas Queen Mary, University of London 22,118.4
Dr Patrick Farrell Scalable multigrid solvers for the stationary incompressible Navier-Stokes equations University of Oxford 10,800.0
Dr Lee Margetts Accurate numerical modelling of digital wind farms University of Manchester 55,440.0
Dr Irina Tikhonova Dynamic fragment-based mapping of allosteric pockets in membrane proteins Queen's University Belfast 36,864.0
Dr Ming Li Effects of size sorting and fractional transport in evolution of sandy ripples under oscillatory flow University of Liverpool 14,929.9
Dr Emile Touber Shock-induced vorticity production by entropy modes in plasmas Imperial College London 59,719.7

2 applications were unsuccessful.

Awarded Top-up resource on standard grants

Principal Investigator Title Institution KAUs Awarded
Prof William Rainforth Designing alloys for resource efficiency (DARE) - a manufacturing approach University of Sheffield 27993.6
Dr Agnes Noy Programming DNA topology: from folding DNA minicircles to revealing the spatial organization of bacterial genomes Univeristy of York 26680.32