May 2015

Panel members

Name Institution
Dr Aimee Morgans Imperial College London
Prof Deborah Greaves Plymouth University
Prof John Harding University of Sheffield
Dr Sarah Harris University of Leeds
Prof Stewart Cant University of Cambridge

Successful submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Professor Nedunchezhian Swaminathan Direct simulation of turbulent non-premixed MILD combusion University of Cambridge 62,415
Dr Ming Li Size sorting and fractional sand transport in oscillatory boundary layers University of Liverpool 14,377
Professor Rudolf  Roemer Ab-initio modelling of Anderson localization in doped semiconductors University of Warwick 43,286
Dr Daniel Dundas Probing molecular chirality using high-harmonic generation Queen's University of Belfast 42,077
Professor Sherwin Spencer Scale-resolving simulation of a vortex dominated flow Imperial College London 39,744
Dr Nicola Bonini First-principles Design of Thermoelectric Materials King's College London 22,395
Dr Qing Xiao A Study of Bio-inspired Three-dimensional PASSIVELY Deformed Flexible Blade for Wind/Tidal Turbines University of Strathclyde 38,534
Total successful   7 projects 262,829
Total unsuccessful   2 projects 106,862
success rate   78% 71%
Awarded top-up resource on standard grants
Dr Ben Slater SI2-CHE: Collaborative Research: Developing First Principles Monte Carlo Methods for Reactive Phase and Sorption Equilibria in the CP2k Software Suite University College London 67,392