May 2013

Panel members
Name Institution
Dr Charles Laughton (Chair) University of Nottingham
Dr Phil Ridley Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Dr R Roemer University of Warwick
Dr Richard Sandberg University of Southampton
Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Dr Patrick Briddon First principles modelling of materials Newcastle 20,360,000
Professor Michele Vendruscolo Characterization of the dynamics of alpha-synuclein by replica-averaged metadynamics simulations Cambridge 5,320,000
Dr Christopher Castleton Seeking pathways to density functional theory (DFT) studies of charge carriers in ceria based fuel cells, gas sensors and catalysts Nottingham Trent 1,495,000
Dr Alex Skillen Investigation of wing stall delay effect due to an undulating leading edge Manchester 7,068,000
Professor Richard Connor Image similarity metrics with saliency analysis Strathclyde 1,390,000
Professor Sergei Sahzin Molecular dynamics simulation of complex molecules using quantum-chemical potentials: application to modelling fuel droplets Brighton 890,000
Total (successful)   6 projects 36,523,000
Total (unsuccessful)   2 projects 25,450,000
Success rate   75% 58.9%
Dr Sergey Karabasov Flap noise Queen Marys College London 19,600,000 top up
Professor Paul Kelly Sustainable domain-specific software generation tools for extremely parallel particle-based simulations Imperial College London 20,000,000 top up
Professor Vadim Biktashev BeatBox - high performance computing (HPC) environment for biophysically and anatomically realistic cardiac simulations Exeter 1,000,000 top up
Dr David Moore Ambisonic optimisation on a General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) cluster Glasgow GPGPU Test bed