ARCHER Leadership Panel - 27 March 2015

Panel Members

Name Institution
Dr Mick Carter Met Office
Dr Gerard Gorman Imperial College London
Professor Phil Biggin University of Oxford
Professor Fernando Nogueira University of Coimbra, Portugal
Professor Wyn Williams University of Edinburgh
Dr Edward Smyth Numerical Algorithms Group
Dr Jos Martin MathWorks
Dr Michael Brown Irish Centre for High-End Computing
Dr Ash Vadgama AWE plc
Dr Matt Probert University of York
Prof Stewart Cant University of Cambridge

Successful Submissions


Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Professor Feliciano Giustino Advanced materials for solar energy conversion (AMSEC) University of Oxford 251,597
Dr Edmund Highcock Multiscale first-principles optimisation of fusion experiments University of Oxford 187,488
Dr Michael Hunt Transport in two-dimensional solids University of Durham 199,584
Professor Dek Woolfson A microsecond, atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of a 70 nm diameter University of Bristol 376,013
Dr Charles Moulinec Investigation of unexpected gas injections in fuel assemblies STFC Daresbury Laboratory 199,066
Dr Helen Chappell Structural modelling of nanomineral particles implicated in gastrointestinal homeostasis and disease MRC Human Nutrition Research 66,000
Dr Jochen Blumberger Structural properties, charge transfer and dynamics at hematite/water interfaces University College London 157,593.60
Professor John Christodoulou Computational studies of co-translational protein folding and mis-folding on the ribosome University College London 149,200
Total successful   8 projects 1,586,541
Total unsuccessful   17 projects 5,470,293
Success rate   32% 22%

NERC remit

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Professor Ken Carslaw The composition-climate perturbed parameter ensemble (CCPPE) University of Leeds 261,274
Dr Alan Gadian WISER (Weather climate change Impact Study at Extreme Resolution) University of Leeds 325,000
Total successful   2 projects 586,274
Total unsuccessful   4 projects 1,469,619
success rate   33% 29%