June 2017

ARCHER Resource Allocation Panel members

Name Institution
Professor Adrian Mulholland (Chair) University of Bristol
Dr Rob Lewis TotalSim Ltd
Dr Andrew Teale University of Nottingham
Dr Gabriela Slavcheva University of Bath
Dr Irina Tikhonova QUB
Dr Martijn A. Zwijnenburg UCL
Professor Xi Jiang Lancaster University

Successful Submissions

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Dr Daniel Dundas Attosecond dynamics of radio sensitizer molecules Queen's University Belfast 36634
Dr Richard Evans Large scale atomistic spin dynamics of advanced magnetic materials and devices University of York 19354
Dr Catherine O'Sullivan IBM Investigation of drag in dense, polydisperse, saturated grain packings Imperial College London 19595.52
Dr Benzi John High fidelity non-equilibrium DSMC flow simulations at scale using SPARTA STFC 31968
Prof Alessandro Troisi Benchmarking the calculation of low frequency phonons in organic semiconductors University of Liverpool 24051
Dr Johannes Lischner Optical and electronic properties of two-dimensional metal chalcogenides Imperial College London 30427
Prof Paul Tucker Aerodynamics of Intake-fan interaction under crosswinds University of Cambridge 25228.8
Dr Ignazio Maria Viola Compliant coatings for friction drag reduction University of Edinburgh 18259.2
Dr Paola Carbone In-Silico fabrication of graphene oxide membranes University of Manchester 24550
Dr Gihan Mudalige Preparing for Exascale with Mini-applications University of Warwick 9694.8
Dr Edina Rosta Molecular kinetics for ligand binding King's College London 22636
Dr David Quigley Modelling of nano-confined phase change materials University of Warwick 11205
Prof Jonathan Doye The emergence of chirality in solutions of DNA origamis University of Oxford 27327

9 applications were unsuccessful.

Awarded Top-up resource on standard grants

Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Professor William Rainforth Designing alloys for resource efficiency (DARE) - a manufacturing approach King's College London 57024
Professor Stuart Macgregor Putting Low Coordination into Practice by the Exploration of Metal-sigma-Interactions: Fundamentals, New Catalysts and Catalysis for New Materials Heriot-Watt University 152280
Professor Matthew Rosseinsky Integration of Computation and Experiment for Accelerated Materials Discovery University of Liverpool 788314