June 2014

Panel Members

Name Institution
Professor John Harding University of Sheffield
Professor Matthew Foulkes Imperial College
Professor Peter Jimack University of Leeds
Professor Paul Tucker University of Cambridge
Dr Rebecca Notman University of Warwick
Dr Matt Probert University of York
Dr Charles Laughton (chair) University of Nottingham
Principal Investigator Title Institution kAUs Awarded
Prof Jon Goff Symmetry breaking in the high temperature superconductor CsFe2Se2 Royal Holloway 9,900
Dr Anton Shterenlikht Multi-scale modelling of polycrystalline fracture University of Bristol 11,200
Dr Steven Niederer Uncertainty quantification of human cardiac electrophysiology models King's College London 50,528
Dr Irene Moulitsas Optimising MeTiS for mixed-element meshes Cranfield University 5,616
Dr Catherine O'Sullivan Large-scale simulation of crushable granular soils using DEM Imperial College London 18,662
Prof Ian Eames Mass transfer in the Chriocapillaris University College London 32,000
Prof Endre Suli Long-time, 3D finite-element approximations of a class of Cahn-Hilliard PDEs University of Oxford 6,912
Prof Guo Hybrid phosphorenes for electronics, optoelectronics, and thermoelectrics University College London 19,354
Dr C. Alberto Figueroa Full-body scale 3D simulation of arterial haemodynamics King's College London 40,608
Dr Nicolae Panoiu Time-dependent density-functional theory study of plasmons in graphene nano-flakes: crossover between quantum and classical physics University College London 12,545
Dr Carmen Domene On permeation and selectivity in sodium channels King's College London 30,978
Total (successful)   11 238,303
Total (unsuccessful)   4 198,202
Success rate   73.5%