June 2010

Panel members
Name Institution
Professor Adrian Mulholland (Chair) University of Bristol
Dr Stuart Clark University of Durham
Dr Simon Crampin University of Bath
Dr Anthony Meijer University of Sheffield
Dr Phil Ridley Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
Professor Mark Savill Cranfield Unviersity
Dr Chris Skylaris University of Oxford
Principal investigator Project title Institution No. of Allocation Units (AU) requested
Ken Morgan Transient viscous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of the BLOODHOUND Supersonic car Swansea 1,935,360
Gareth Harrison Modelling the UK wind power resource Edinburgh 5,300,000
Peter Haynes Large-scale parallelisation of linear scaling density functional theory (DFT) calculations with Order-N Electronic Total Energy Package (ONETEP) Imperial College 1,000,000
Bill Dawes Large eddy simulation (LES) of supersonic combustion Cambridge 2,496,000
Mats Perrson Conformational switching of tetra (bromophenyl) porphyrins absorbed on the AU (111) surface Liverpool 1,704,960
Total (successful)   5 projects 12,436,320
Total (unsuccessful)   4 projects 39,591,200
Success rate   55.6% 23.9%